North Carolina Introduces College Campus Free Speech Act

Very good news! North Carolina will hopefully set an example for other states to crack down on the liberal totalitarianism that is occurring on public college and university campuses. This article is by Stanley Kurtz, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, who co-wrote the bill. From the National Review: With Governor […]

Imam at UC-Davis: “Annihilate Filthy Jews”

This Imam claims to represent “Orthodox Sunni Islam.” He was quoting the Hadith, a traditional Islamic source. When will our public schools realize that Islam in it’s complete form holds these violent, evil positions? Sadly, this isn’t seen on the news because of the PC culture. From the National Review: Not everything needs commentary; sometimes […]

The Failures of Obama-Era Economic Policy, and How to Create Growth

“Economic theory and historical experience indicate economic policies are the primary cause of both the productivity slowdown and the poorly performing labor market. High marginal tax rates, especially those on capital formation and business enterprises, costly new labor market and other regulations, high debt-financed government spending (largely to fund income transfer payments), and the lack […]