Senate Health Care Bill is Making Progress

A good overview of the senate’s updated conservative health care bill to replace Obamacare. Eliminating mandate penalties and promoting health care savings accounts, there is definitely good progress being made, but also a few things to fix. Unfortunately there is now a delay on the vote because of Sen. John McCain’s surgery, but that means […]

New Approach Needed on North Korea

With another missile test by Kim Jong Un, sanctions will not be enough to address this growing threat. Trump needs to implement a more comprehensive regime-changing strategy that will be more than the “denuclearization” approach of the presidents. From the National Review: Ten years ago, the Bush administration reversed policy on North Korea, in a […]

California’s Rise and Fall, From One Gov. Brown to Another

It’s no secret that Jerry Brown’s regulatory policies have hurt California so much over the years. Given how socialist it has become today, it’s hard to remember that the Golden State had some very good governors back in the 50s and 60s. From the WSJ: “Jerry Brown is the opposite of his father, who made […]