NASA, ESA, Japan, and Russia to Build Lunar Space Station

NASA seems to be getting back to the Space business. From Popular Science: At the International Aeronautics Congress in Adelaide, Australia, representatives of NASA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced that they had signed an agreement to work together on venturing into deep space, with the first conceptual goal being a deep space gateway. […]

California’s Self Destruction

I, for one, am not abandoning the the state with the greatest God given gifts on Earth! A fifth-generation Californian laments his state’s decline! By Steve Baldwin in The American Spectator It’s not easy watching California self-destruct. After all, my four sons are 6th generation Californians. One relative of ours journeyed here prior to the […]

1600’s Catholic Globalization

Globalization, Catholic Style: When art came to the rescue  From A visit to the Piazza Navona brings Bernini’s glorious image of Christian globalization: the light of Truth, spread to the four corners of the globe. On the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, this series of articles looks at how the Church responded to this […]

‘Indigenous Peoples’ were Far Worse Than Columbus 

From the Federalist: If we really want to commemorate horrifying, unspeakable violence and oppression in the Americas, I’ve got the perfect holiday: ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day.’ Los Angeles and Austin, Texas have now joined the list of liberal-run cities that have eradicated Columbus Day from their calendars and replaced it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” In LA, […]

Catholic Schools Should Scrap Scholastic Book Fairs

“For help screening kids’ lit, parents, teachers, and librarians have several options available. The Catholic Writer’s Guild provides a list of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that have earned their Seal of Approval. Virtue Works Media features a “V-List,” an ever-expanding list of books, movies, etc. that are reviewed and rated according to their virtue content. Catholic Reads is an […]

The Courage of Hollywood Cowards

Nobody displays it more vividly than the Hollywood pantheon: There is no courage in attacking the President or the conservative justices of the United States Supreme Court or Republicans in Congress at Academy Awards night or Emmy night or Tony Awards night or Grammy night. There is no courage in mocking the traditionalists on Saturday Night […]

America’s STD Epidemic

Marriage repays by allowing you to see poetry everywhere, whereas Tinder-based hedonism repays with an STD burning sensation experienced during urination. From The Federalist: During the same week Hugh Hefner died, the Centers for Disease Control revealed that the number of new sexually transmitted disease cases in America had hit a record high. This unfurls a strange […]

First, They Came for the Biologists

Excellent article by Heather Heying, who was forced out of Evergreen State by the mob, for being good scientists. We are losing our nation and Western Civilization. She also wrote this excellent piece: Stop Equating Science with Truth From The WSJ: Who would have guessed that when America cleaved, the left would get the National Football […]

The Morality of Charles Koch

Charles Koch has donated $10 million to the Busch Scool of Business and Economics at Catholic U. This will enable it to compete with top schools and be one of the few to educate the students with a Catholic mindset. From the WSJ: For those who regard capitalism and Christianity as mortal enemies, few villains […]