‘Indigenous Peoples’ were Far Worse Than Columbus 

From the Federalist: If we really want to commemorate horrifying, unspeakable violence and oppression in the Americas, I’ve got the perfect holiday: ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day.’ Los Angeles and Austin, Texas have now joined the list of liberal-run cities that have eradicated Columbus Day from their calendars and replaced it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” In LA, […]

The Courage of Hollywood Cowards

Nobody displays it more vividly than the Hollywood pantheon: There is no courage in attacking the President or the conservative justices of the United States Supreme Court or Republicans in Congress at Academy Awards night or Emmy night or Tony Awards night or Grammy night. There is no courage in mocking the traditionalists on Saturday Night […]

America’s STD Epidemic

Marriage repays by allowing you to see poetry everywhere, whereas Tinder-based hedonism repays with an STD burning sensation experienced during urination. From The Federalist: During the same week Hugh Hefner died, the Centers for Disease Control revealed that the number of new sexually transmitted disease cases in America had hit a record high. This unfurls a strange […]

The ‘Success Sequence’: Millennials and Marriage

From ACTON: “What if large causes of poverty are not matters of material distribution but are behavioral — bad choices and the cultures that produce them? If so, policymakers must rethink their confidence in social salvation through economic abundance.” –George Will According to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau, the values and priorities of young adults […]

5 Facts about the Alt-Right

  From the Acton Institute: A rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend ended in violence and domestic terrorism, as white nationalist groups clashed with counter-protestors. The Unite the Right rally was intended, as co-promoter Matthew Heimbach explains, to unite the alt-right around the “14 words”: “We must secure the existence of our people and the future […]