Prophetic 1939 New York World’s Fair on Freeways

‘Definitive document of pre-World War II futuristic utopian thinking, as envisioned by General Motors. Documents the “Futurama” exhibit in GM’s “Highways and Horizons” pavilion at the World’s Fair, which looks ahead to the “wonder world of 1960.”‘ Public domain film from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archive, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the […]

Mexican Hypocrisy on Immigration

Mexican President Felipe Calderon says his government cannot and will not remain indifferent in the face of Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law, which he says violates human rights. But Mexico itself has incredibly restrictive immigration laws, experts told Source: Mexican Hypocrisy? U.S. Neighbor Has Its Own Tough Take on Immigration | Fox News

July ’08: Obama: The Child – The Messiah

Gerard Baker of the London Times was prophetic. Sadly, our world and nation are declining rapidly less than 8 years later. We are living a nightmare, lead by the false hope of an Alinskyite. ISIS is worse than Al Qaeda, Christians are being attacked and killed everywhere, and domestically we are at each others throats.  […]

Communist Goals – 1963 Congressional Record

1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or […]