As Europe Declines, the Church Dithers

Several of the primary founders of today’s EU—men such as France’s Robert Schuman, Italy’s Alcide de Gasperi, and West Germany’s Konrad Adenauer—were devout Catholics. For them, promoting an integrated Europe wasn’t only about increasing intra-European trade and diminishing war. They also had a Christian humanist vision of Europe as the continent in which Christianity had […]

The Beginnings of Obama’s Shadow Government

2 ARTICLES ON THE ALINSKY-ITE EX-PRESIDENT. FROM THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR: In the New York Post on Wednesday, a political cartoon appeared mocking Obama’s lawyerly denial of his administration’s investigation of Trump-Russia ties. The cartoon has Obama saying: “Nobody in the White House ever ordered a wiretap of the individual named Donald Trump by my specific […]

VDH: Nemesis for their Hubris

This is an excellent article to send to any reasonable friends, colleagues, and family. The Ancient Laws of Unintended Consequences. Eight years of a fawning press have made the Left reckless. By Victor Davis Hanson — March 7, 2017 The classical idea of a divine Nemesis (“reckoning” or “downfall”) that brings unforeseen retribution for hubris (insolence […]

Trump Supporters Beaten as Berkeley Rally Attacked by Leftists

THIS IS THE SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN OUR “3RD WORLD” – ONE PARTY “COMMIE-FORNIA” From A rowdy crowd gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Supporters and detractors of President Donald Trump, including members of the national group By Any Means Necessary, were joined by a large number of police […]

Ronald Reagan’s 1977 CPAC Speech 

Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA) Washington, DC, February 6, 1977 I’m happy to be back with you in this annual event after missing last year’s meeting. I had some business in New Hampshire that wouldn’t wait. Three weeks ago here in our nation’s capital I told a group of conservative scholars that we are currently in […]

CPAC 2017 in Photos

The Intelligent Conservative is looking to have a booth on “radio row” to conduct podcasts and report live from CPAC 2018.  From the Business Insider: The Conservative Political Action Conference took place this week in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside Washington, DC. The annual political confab has been the largest gathering of conservatives since its inception […]

CPAC Transcript: Bannon and Priebus

Interesting interview. We hope to cover CPAC Friday as a new blogger. From the WAPO: Bannon predicts there will be an ideological ‘fight every day” White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Feb. 23. Bannon said the media is “adamantly […]

Understanding Right-Wing Rage

The folk-hero Right lives, eats, and breathes defiance in the face of leftism’s overwhelming cultural dominance. Last week Bryan Curtis, the editor-at-large of the The Ringer, Bill Simmons’s interesting new sports and pop-culture website, wrote a much-discussed piece called “Sportswriting Has Become a Liberal Profession — Here’s How It Happened.” It was refreshingly self-aware in […]

VDH: Oroville Dam another Example of California’s Decline

“The poor condition of the dam is almost too good a metaphor for the condition of the state as a whole; its possible failure is a reflection of California’s civic decline.” “The crisis at Oroville is a third act in the state’s history: One majestic generation built great dams, a second enjoyed them while they […]