The First President To Turn Postmodernism Against Itself

  “What you lookin’ at? You all a bunch of f—in’ a–holes. You know why? You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your f—in’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.” So… what that make you? Good? […]

List of the First 12 Executive Actions by Trump

Surprised to see this relatively unbiased piece from Public BS. Maybe they are afraid of being cut off from all Fed funding? Which ones are your top priorities? Which parts do you disagree with? From PBS: On working week one of the Trump administration, it seems worthwhile to set aside the highwire battles over words […]

Obama, the new “Saul Alinsky” Finally Leaves the White House

This article speaks for itself…save it From the American Spectator: When Barack Obama leaves the White House tomorrow, (thankfully) he leaves with his worst dreams unrealized. Still, what he leaves behind is awful. Thank goodness he’ll be gone. The very day after Obama was elected in 2008, I predicted in this space that his team […]

Crony Clinton Charity Shutdown

  An Independent Prosecutor should investigate the Clinton’s for the criminal secret server, Benghazi cover up, emailing Top Secret docs, pay for play as Sec of State, etc. The Rule of Law demands it! “Why would foreign governments suddenly lose interest in the charitable work the Clinton Foundation purported to do? They wouldn’t, unless the […]

‘Twas the Night Before Inauguration!

Hillary-ious ‘Twas the Night Before Inauguration! By: Tony Olson author of the Spin Game Twas the night before Inauguration, and up in the tower, The Donald reflected on his newfound power. The conservative masses had come out in force, And delivered a victory that would chart a new course. The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in […]

Great Catholic Historian Kevin Starr R.I.P.

.A huge disappointment. Part of the greatest generation. I was blessed to hear him in person. What a mind and good Catholic. Here is the review of his most recent book, Continental Ambitions: Roman Catholics in North America: The Colonial Experience (Ignatius Press, 2016), From the LA Times: Former California State Librarian Kevin Starr, who […]

Obama’s Address: The Conquering Loser

  Unfortunately, we have another “Bill Clinton” who as ex-POTUS will be raising $$$ giving speeches that the left and and  crony capitalists will lap up. “Barack Obama gave his farewell address not in George Washington’s capital, but in the friendlier confines of Saul Alinsky’s Chicago, though the noise of a protester marred the start […]

Obama: Scandals Aplenty

The corrupt media is pushing Obama’s lie: “I’m extremely proud of the fact that over eight years we have not had the kinds of scandals that have plagued other administrations,” His tenure saw an astounding number of scandals: Benghazi, Fast and Furious gunrunning, Solyndra and green energy subsidies for campaign donors, cash for Iranian hostages, IRS targeting […]

JW: Jihadists Training for Attack on Mexican Border 

Thank goodness Obama, Clinton, and the dems are no longer in charge. Btw, will Mexico ever get its act together? From Judicial Watch: A Jihadi-cartel alliance in the Mexican state of Nuevo León is collaborating to carry out attacks in American cities and ports of entry along the southern border, according to intelligence obtained by […]