Jinja, Uganda Entreprenuerial Project Launch July 13th

The Bishop of the Diocese of Jinja, Rt. Rev. Charles Martin Wamika, Fr. Benedict Wakabi Youth Chaplain of the Diocese of Jinja, and Fr. Richard Buyinza  are pleased to announce the launch of the Jinja Youth Entrepreneurial Project scheduled to take place on July 13, 2017 at 10am at the Rubaga Students’ Center, Kiira Road, Plot […]

Acton University: School of Human Dignity and Freedom

  “Acton University is a unique, four-day exploration of the intellectual foundations of a free society. Guided by a distinguished, international faculty, Acton University is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and integrate philosophy, theology, business, development – with sound, market based, economics.” (Details) Acton University has incredible speakers from a wide range of backgrounds giving […]

Rural America: The New ‘Inner City’

The article is a bit stark and makes urban area look better than they are but it is worth the read. The decimation of well paying jobs for Americans without a degree is behind a lot of the problems. The amount of men working is at an all time low. The middle class is getting […]

Poor Countries Want Cheap Electricity

Send this to your kind hearted friends… From the GWPF: “Foreign aid should not be used to generate costly and unreliable “green” electricity in countries where hundreds of millions need the exact opposite: cheap and reliable power” At the end of May, Zimbabwe’s state monopoly, ZESA, reached a last-minute deal to continue importing electricity. ZESA […]

Blue Cross Blows Big Pharma’s Scam

Both parties should get behind these commonsense reforms! From the American Spectator: This is where Congress can come in to hit the causes of skyrocketing health care costs head on. With healthcare reform now back on the docket in the U.S. Senate, liberals are crying bloody murder over the purely hypothetical costs to the insured […]

Roger Ailes, Fox News Founder Dies at 77

  Ailes joined Fox News in February 1996 to launch the network’s first weekly public affairs show, “Fox News Sunday.” He also oversaw the launch of Fox News Channel, which skeptics thought would never be able to compete with CNN. Against all odds, with enormous investment from what was then Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., the […]

The Pornification of News

Are you tired of filthy and suggestive ads on the pages of the articles you are reading? Why do conservative sites host such ads? Thee IC chose not to go that route. This article is a bit strong and Lifesite tends to overstate its case but it is worth a read. Btw, we do not […]

Acton: Trump’s Tax Reform Plan 

  Who knows how this will shake out but this is a good overview. From Acton: Yesterday the Trump administration released its tax-reform plan, which the White House is calling the “biggest individual and business tax cut in American history.” Here is what you should know about the plan: What are the goals of the […]

California’s Incompetence: Oroville Dam Debacle

By Dan Reidel, Chico Enterprise-Record A disaster expert’s review of the Oroville Dam spillway emergency says the Department of Water Resources could have prevented everything with better design, better construction and better maintenance. Robert Bea prepared the report published Monday. Bea is a former engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and UC Berkeley […]

The Problem With Climate Catastrophizing

The Case for Calm By Oren Cass for Foreign Affairs Climate change may or may not bear responsibility for the flood on last night’s news, but without question it has created a flood of despair. Climate researchers and activists, according to a 2015 Esquire feature, “When the End of Human Civilization is Your Day Job,” suffer […]

“Good Profit” by Charles G. Koch

Interesting review. Are the Koch Brothers truly as evil as Soros? Joseph Maciariello reviews “Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies” in the WSJ: Though Charles G. Koch, with his strong libertarian views and willingness to fund political causes, may be a lightning rod in some circles, […]