Federal Gov’t Spending Grows 5x since 1960

Since I was a kid, I always wondered where all the “free” federal money came from… “Since 1960, the number of state- and local-government employees has tripled to more than 18 million, a growth driven by federal money: Between the early 1960s and early 2010s, the inflation-adjusted value of federal grants for the states increased […]

ACTON and Michael Novak

Two great articles on Novak. ACTON U will give you a taste of the gatherings at the Novaks and of Heaven! Rev. Robert Sirico is president of the Acton Institute: In the late 1970s I underwent two conversions: the first was reading myself out of the left wing politics in which I had been active. The […]

Widmer: Novak Taught that Capitalism can be Virtuous

 From the WAPO: Michael Novak with Jeane Kirkpatrick during a panel discussion. (American Enterprise Institute) Michael Novak came to my rescue when I had just been defrauded of millions of dollars. It was late 2001, and the high-tech wave of the ’90s had ended for me with a devastating wipeout. The company that bought my […]

Facebook May Make A Huge Mistake on Censoring “Fake News”

    This is a thoughtful article by Mr Conservative. Mr. Conservative. with 2 million followers, was founded by 4 high school students in Marin County, Ca, that were tired of liberal brainwashing after Obama’s coronation in 2009. It is an edgy site and has been under attack lately by the leftists. They published our piece on […]

DeVos: School Choice a Solution to Education Woes

The unions and left are fighting this pick hard. Pray no senators fold. From National Review: Betsy DeVos is the focused campaigner American schools need. Big institutions aren’t easy to change, and American public education is big: Over 3 million teachers were employed in American public schools in 2016. Walmart, the world’s largest employer, has […]

Uber of Bike Rentals Upsets SF Liberals

So let’s get this straight: In sanctuary city San Francisco, you don’t need any papers to come into the country, go to schools for free, get in state tuition, get free medical, etc…..BUT IF YOU WANT TO RENT PEOPLE BIKES AND FOLLOW THE CURRENT LAWS YOU BETTER PAY THE LEFTISTS IN CHARGE!  From the SF […]

Republican Health-Care Plan: Rand Paul Makes a Good Start

This sounds like a good start….Kentucky senator Rand Paul may have come up with a proposal that could offer a way out of the political corner Republicans have been painting themselves into. From National Review: The GOP needs an alternative to Obamacare. Rand Paul’s plan is a good start. Like the proverbial dog that caught […]

San Francisco: Leftist Dystopia

San Francisco is arguably in the most scenic location of any city in the world, let alone the USA. It has a world-class harbor and is rarely below 40 or above 80 degrees. But ever since ’75, when liberal Moscone defeated John Barbagelata through voter fraud, by 3,500 bused in votes, SF has gone down hill, in […]

Fake News: ObamaCare Add 20 Million Insured

Thx, Loretta…. Obama claims 20 million but he has inflated the ObamaCare coverage number by 42%. The actual gain in coverage 14 million, Heritage found. That’s close to the Census Bureau’s estimate that the number of uninsured declined by 12.8 million. Only 2.2 million gained private coverage. The other 11.8 million went on Medicaid. $1 […]