Tim Busch: Teaching Capitalism to Catholics at CUA

Good to hear that Catholic University will be teaching capitalism and Catholic Social Teaching together. The world needs ethical Free Markets without crony capitalism, corruption, or greed. We need moral entrepreneurs and business people. From the WSJ: The dean of the Catholic University of America’s School of Business and Economics recently approached me with an […]

Biofuels’ Demand Destroying Nature Worldwide

Tell your enviro-buddies to call for the immediate stop of biofuels. They cut down forests and swamps in the Western world, jungles for palm and sugar cane in the tropical world, and raise food prices worldwide burning corn for fuel. i.e. “Colombia, the world’s fourth-biggest palm oil producer, has doubled its number of palm oil […]

Largest Deposit of Untapped Oil Found-20 Billion Bbl

What happened to peak oil? In 1980, we “had” ONLY 680 Billion Bbl left. We used more than we “had” ….c. 1 Trillion. Now we “have” 1.7 Trillion @ $45 per Bbl. Why can’t people understand that as prices go up and American ingenuity (fracking, deep water drilling, etc.) deploys, we find more. Oil has […]

From Europe: Trump is Right on Nato

A refreshing look from Italy, at Trump’s demand that Nato and Japan carry more of the defensive burden than they do currently. Only France and the U.K. carry their weight. The rest of Europe expects us to protect them and be the World’s policeman but we get little thanks and much criticism. By Stefano Magni […]

Acton’s Poverty Inc. in the WSJ

This is a fantastic film that should be shown to every charity and church group worldwide. “Poverty Inc.,” which won the prestigious Templeton Freedom Award last year, criticizes aid brigades but not for bad motives. The trouble is their assumption, too often, that poverty is caused by a lack of money or resources. This produces […]

MIT: Tesla’s Next Broken Promise

Very interesting article which includes information on general automobile manufacturing, as well. From MIT Tech Review: Tesla Motors and its chief executive, Elon Musk, have made an indelible mark on the global automotive industry with their celebrated battery-powered cars, purchased by consumers whose passion for Tesla appears boundless. If that feat just a few years […]

The Pope and the Environment

Acton delivers again: Nature notes that from 1993-2009, “while the human population has increased by 23% and the world economy has grown 153%, the human footprint has increased by just 9%.” Economic growth is compatible with care for creation. Indeed, they add, “It appears as though the global human economy is increasing its efficiency in the […]

Giant Chinese Aluminum Stockpile in Mexico

Our country is being gamed again. Russian control of much of our uranium, China our industry. Iran….. “By the end of 2016, only five aluminum smelters will be operating in the U.S., down from 23 in 2000. China’s booming industrial production has reordered global markets, few more dramatically than aluminum. Fueled by access to inexpensive […]

Google’s Waze Starts a New Ride-Share Service

It would be a good idea to short Uber and Lyft but they are privately held. Their IPOs may be damaged. By the way, WAZE is a great app. From the WSJ: Google is moving onto Uber Technologies Inc.’s turf with its own ride-sharing service in San Francisco that would help commuters carpool at far […]