Bitcoin could transform how the economy works

Very Interesting article. Bitcoin may be in the early stages, similar to the internet. It may be come a hedge or even safe haven in the next economic crisis. From the Economist BITCOIN has a bad reputation. The decentralised digital cryptocurrency, powered by a vast computer network, is notorious for the wild fluctuations in its […]

Bitcoin Entrepreneur Dr. Giacomo Zucco- Interview

This entrepreneur attended the impressive Acton University. He is trained in physics but educated and articulate in many fields. May be time to invest in a bit of bitcoin as a hedge. By David Mazzerelli of Ninja Marketing From Italian via Google Translate: David: Can you tell us a little about bitcoin? Giacomo Zucco: Even […]

Is Tesla Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme?

  Interesting article. Selling short is too risky but maybe buying puts would be a possibility. “On May 19, 2016, Goldman Sachs published a research report ludicrously comparing Elon Musk to Henry Ford and Steve Jobs while ignoring obvious flaws in how the company does business.  Even worse, Goldman used these bogus comparisons to paste […]

Best-Run States Are Heavily Republican

What is saving California, so far, is the great weather and natural gifts from our Creator. From IBD: The ten most financially sound states in the country are all heavily Republican, while all but one of the ten worst states are heavily Democratic. That’s according to a ranking of states in a new report from […]

Stanford Research Shows $1Trillion in Pension Liabilities

  This is insane….When will the day of reckoning come? From California Political Review: From Stanford University has done a study and you need to sit down.  They found that between CalSTRS and CalPRS, they have close to one trillion in unfunded liabilities.  When you add the health care program, the State has a total […]

Bust the Cable-Box Monopoly

Oligopolies are a big problem in the USA. We need at least 10 competitors in each area of commerce. Thee IC is glad to see that the Office Depot – Staples merger was blocked. The crony cable and wireless providers need true competition From the WSJ: The perseverance of the set-top-box monopoly has been frustrating […]

GM, Lyft Self-Driving Electric Taxis in 2017

General Motors Co. and Lyft Inc. will begin testing a fleet of self-driving Chevrolet Bolt electric taxis on public roads within a year, a move central to the companies’ joint efforts to challenge Silicon Valley giants in the battle to reshape the auto industry. The plan is being hatched a few months after GM invested […]

Firemen’s Corruption of Public Service

Thee IC respects firemen and police but whenever we talk about corruption, overtime pay, insane retirement packages we are told we don’t appreciate them. They are far from the most dangerous jobs out there. Clean it up, please.          From the American Spectator: When it comes to firefighters, most Americans are satisfied […]

This Tech Bubble is Ready to Pop

More signs of a bear market on the horizon. Shipping is also down 14% worldwide. How long will the Central Markets manipulations keep inflating the bubble?           From The WSJ: When the dot-com bubble burst in early 2000, the fallout for publicly traded stocks was quick and severe. The Nasdaq Composite […]

Are Pope Leo XIII and Pope Saint John Paul II “feeling the Bern”?

The Church is against both state control and crony capitalist control of the economy. From Catholic World Report:  One week ago, the morning after the Vatican’s one-day conference Centesimus Annus25 Years Later, Pope Francis and U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders happened to meet in the lobby of the Vatican hotel, Casa Santa Martha. Sanders had […]

LA retirees collect $1 million-plus pension payouts

  Disgusting and they are protected by the corrupt Democrats in this 1 party state   From Transparent California: Four Los Angeles police and fire retirees collected over $1 million apiece in pension payouts last year, according to just-released 2015 pension data from Retired assistant fire chief Timothy Manning’s $1,181,309 pension and benefits package was […]