Sarah Sanders is The Left’s Favorite Woman To Bully

Move Over, Kellyanne: Sarah Sanders Is The Left’s New Favorite White House Woman To Cut Disgusting Liberal Hypocrites: “Last week, the feisty, no-nonsense White House press secretary was the subject of three unflattering—if not egregiously sexist—portrayals from haters on the Left.” From The Federalist: Sarah Huckabee Sanders must be doing something right. Last week, the […]

Dancing with the Stars Contestant’s Miraculous Recovery from PVS

  This young lady was locked in a “permanent vegetative state” for years. Her loving mother stayed with her everyday and prayed! “When she was ‘locked-in,’ she had nobody else other than God Who could hear her,” mother Jacqueline explained to LifeSiteNews.  “So that’s Who she convened with on a daily basis.” During her long […]

Black Leaders Championed Strict Drug Laws 

“Barker and others argue that in the 1960s, residents of black neighborhoods felt constantly under threat from addicts and others associated with the drug trade, and their calls for increased safety measures resonated at community meetings, in the pages of black newspapers like ‘The Amsterdam News,’ and in churches.” From NPR:   A few months […]

Catholic Schools Should Scrap Scholastic Book Fairs

“For help screening kids’ lit, parents, teachers, and librarians have several options available. The Catholic Writer’s Guild provides a list of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that have earned their Seal of Approval. Virtue Works Media features a “V-List,” an ever-expanding list of books, movies, etc. that are reviewed and rated according to their virtue content. Catholic Reads is an […]

Planned Parenthood’s Top 7 donors gave $324 Million 

Please try to boycott these companies. From LifeSite News: — In response to a series of incriminating under-cover videos from The Center for Medical Progress about the major abortion provider, organizations have been cutting ties — or denying ties — to Planned Parenthood. But where nonprofits are concerned, tax records keep the story straight. Between 2010 and […]

Cracks in the US College Cartel

When it comes to the cost of college, we may have reached the tipping point. Over 500 colleges are still accepting Freshman!  Universities are like OPEC, pricing themselves out of business. $65,000 to provide safe spaces and liberal indoctrination is ridiculous. Shopping malls are shutting down and brick and mortar stores, in general. This will […]