Cracks in the US College Cartel

When it comes to the cost of college, we may have reached the tipping point. Over 500 colleges are still accepting Freshman!  Universities are like OPEC, pricing themselves out of business. $65,000 to provide safe spaces and liberal indoctrination is ridiculous. Shopping malls are shutting down and brick and mortar stores, in general. This will […]

 Netflix’ ’13 Reasons Why’ Sends Damaging Messages

  Because of its graphic portrayal not only of Hannah’s suicide but also activities such as rape, underage drinking, masturbation, gay sex, and substance abuse, the show is rated TV-MA, for those aged 17 and older. But it’s been marketed to teens and even tweens, and because many parents allow their kids to have personal screens with […]

Students are Being Silenced at PC Colleges

This is ridiculous…where will it end? We are destroying the university system. “Privileged” students are chastised for committing “microaggressions” against their marginalized peers, while marginalized students are free to commit blatant acts of racial or gender bias against those they deem privileged. This behavior is excused because, in college, the definition of racism or sexism […]

President Appoints Pro-Life leader Yoest as Asst. HHS Secretary

    GREAT NEWS….Hopefully, President Trump’s nominations and appointments thus far indicate intent to follow through with the promises he made to defund Planned Parenthood. From LIVE ACTION: On Friday, President Donald Trump announced that he will appoint Charmaine Yoest as assistant secretary of public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services. Currently […]

Top Truly Catholic Colleges and Top Newman Centers

Sadly, few Catholic colleges are on either list. Also, it would be helpful if the Newman Guide expanded its ratings system and put in another tier to include and grade such universities, as Notre Dame.    Recommended Newman Guide colleges: Ave Maria University, Aquinas College (Tenn.), Belmont Abbey College, Benedictine College, Campion College, Catholic Distance […]

Top Conservative Colleges 

With what is going on at colleges today, it is time to publish a couple of lists. Sadly there are few public or Catholic colleges on these lists. From Newsmax: To help young people find a top-notch education at an institution that resonates with their principles, Newsmax — with the help of, the Young […]

Pro-Life Advocates are on a Roll

Some good news….. From the WAPO: President Trump just scored a political base victory by signing a law that allows states to withhold federal funds from Planned Parenthood and other facilities that provide abortions. But the real movement on abortion is happening in the states. There, antiabortion advocates are on a roll, passing some of the most restrictive […]