March for Life – Personal Account

  March for Life Rally The March for Life is a most beautiful witness to the strength of the pro-­life movement in our country, and it was such a great privilege to be able to experience it in person. With my college, Franciscan University of Steubenville, being adamantly pro-­life, we sent 8 buses full of […]

Planned Parenthood’s Largest Revenue Source: The Government

Excess revenue for Planned Parenthood has increased 27% since the past fiscal year- there needs to be something done.  From the National Catholic Register: Organization received more than $500 million in government funding last year, while performing more than 300,000 abortions. Christine Rousselle/CNA/EWTN NEWS WASHINGTON — Planned Parenthood reported that it received more than $500 […]

Frontline: Inside the African-American Abortion Battle

WOW….A 15 MINUTE DOCUMENTARY on the BLACK PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT from PBS VIDEO FRONTLINE takes an inside look at the African-American anti-abortion movement in the United States. This short film follows a group of anti-abortion activists and their work inside the black community. The centerpiece of their message: “The most dangerous place for an African-American child […]

Catholic Director of “The Star”

  Animated Kids Movie in the style of Veggie Tales in theaters now.  From CWR: Sony Pictures’ The Star, an animated Christmas story told from the perspective of the animals, opens in theaters across the country this weekend. It is the first animated biblical story produced by a major Hollywood studio since The Prince of Egypt in 1998. […]

A Thanksgiving Toast To The Old Breed-VDH

Let us give thanks to almighty God for the blessings we have. Let us remember our family that has passed on. Especially, let us “Salute” to our parents and grandparents that lived through the Great Depression and WWII. by Victor Davis Hanson   The late World War II combat veteran and memoirist E. B. Sledge enshrined his […]

Sarah Sanders is The Left’s Favorite Woman To Bully

Move Over, Kellyanne: Sarah Sanders Is The Left’s New Favorite White House Woman To Cut Disgusting Liberal Hypocrites: “Last week, the feisty, no-nonsense White House press secretary was the subject of three unflattering—if not egregiously sexist—portrayals from haters on the Left.” From The Federalist: Sarah Huckabee Sanders must be doing something right. Last week, the […]

Dancing with the Stars Contestant’s Miraculous Recovery from PVS

  This young lady was locked in a “permanent vegetative state” for years. Her loving mother stayed with her everyday and prayed! “When she was ‘locked-in,’ she had nobody else other than God Who could hear her,” mother Jacqueline explained to LifeSiteNews.  “So that’s Who she convened with on a daily basis.” During her long […]

Black Leaders Championed Strict Drug Laws 

“Barker and others argue that in the 1960s, residents of black neighborhoods felt constantly under threat from addicts and others associated with the drug trade, and their calls for increased safety measures resonated at community meetings, in the pages of black newspapers like ‘The Amsterdam News,’ and in churches.” From NPR:   A few months […]

Catholic Schools Should Scrap Scholastic Book Fairs

“For help screening kids’ lit, parents, teachers, and librarians have several options available. The Catholic Writer’s Guild provides a list of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that have earned their Seal of Approval. Virtue Works Media features a “V-List,” an ever-expanding list of books, movies, etc. that are reviewed and rated according to their virtue content. Catholic Reads is an […]