A Timeline of Clinton Family Corruption

Arkansas Connections A CHART THAT APPEARED IN THE PROGRESSIVE REVIEW, MAY 1992  The media tried to turn the Clinton story into Camelot II. Just the truth would have made life easier for all of us. And a much better tale as well.Sam SmithCOPYRIGHT 1998 THE PROGRESSIVE REVIEW Updated January 2001 and periodically thereafter 1950s When Bill […]

ACLU vs Public School Discipline 1975

This lead to the breakdown of public schools in the 1970’s and beyond. Obama tried to put the nail in coffin by banning suspensions altogether. From Find Law: United States Supreme Court GOSS v. LOPEZ, (1975) No. 73-898 Argued: October 16, 1974    Decided: January 22, 1975 Appellee Ohio public high school students, who had been suspended […]