Pro-Life Advocates are on a Roll

Some good news….. From the WAPO: President Trump just scored a political base victory by signing a law that allows states to withhold federal funds from Planned Parenthood and other facilities that provide abortions. But the real movement on abortion is happening in the states. There, antiabortion advocates are on a roll, passing some of the most restrictive […]

VDH:Monasteries of the Mind

Another great insight from the prophet of our times. It hits the nail on the head and I am sure the readers of TheeIC can relate it.  By Victor Davis Hanson in National Review When everything is politicized, people retreat into mental mountaintops — dreams of the past and fantasies of the future. So long, […]

DeVos Confirmed – American Federation for Children Models

Betsy DeVos has dedicated her life to school choice. The AFC’s highest rated school choice program is the one in Florida started by Jeb Bush in 2005. 90,000 students are now talking advantage of Step up for Students, which “is a state-approved nonprofit scholarship funding organization that helps administer two scholarships for Florida schoolchildren: the […]

Kellyanne Conway to Headline March for Life ’17

GREAT NEWS: Mrs. Conway will now make history again as “the first sitting White House official to address the annual march in person.” “She marched herself in her younger days, she says. For this mother of four, the marchers are like family. “I consider myself a member of the pro-life rank-and-file,” she says. “Just one of […]

USA Gymnastics Protected Perverted Coaches

Decades after the abuse scandals in the churches broke, abuse continues unabated in schools, doctors offices, gymnasiums, etc.  Hopefully, prison terms will be coming and improvements, as has occurred in Catholic circles. Disgusting. From the INDY Star: Top executives at one of America’s most prominent Olympic organizations failed to alert authorities to many allegations of sexual […]

Going Viral-the next level

UPDATED 11/16/16 : Our originally written article on Soros and 60 Minutes went VIRAL! We had over 20,000 likes, 9,000 shares and 1,000 comments on our FB page, Mr, Conservative’s FB page and ipatriot’s website (they picked it up as original content). Those posts drove over 60,000 hits to the IC!  I am looking for […]

What Teens Need From Their Parents

Interesting ideas on teens. From the WSJ: As adolescents navigate the stormiest years in their development, they need coaching, support, good examples and most of all understanding The teenage years can be mystifying for parents. Sensible children turn scatter-brained or start having wild mood swings. Formerly level-headed adolescents ride in cars with dangerous drivers or […]

Chicago “Paniks” in NLDS Loss

More relevant history to the Giants: winning three straight in the 2012 NLDS against the Reds on their way to the second of three World Series titles under Bochy. Having players such as Bumgarner “gave them this sense of belief.” And that confidence showed as the Giants chipped away, gradually cutting the lead to 3-2 […]

NCAA Bullies Pull Championships out of North Carolina

The NCAA may face financial consequences for its bullying decision: In response to the NCAA, North Carolina GOP spokesperson Kami Mueller issued the following statement: This is so absurd it’s almost comical. I genuinely look forward to the NCAA merging all men’s and women’s teams together as singular, unified, unisex teams. Under the NCAA’s logic, […]