Make Colleges Back Up Their Student Loans

“The bottom 25th percentile of college graduates earn only about as much as the average high-school graduate.” The Mostly leftist schools support the high tuitions with student loans for mediocre “education” in many instances. The insanity cannot continue for long.  From National Review: Just as government-subsidized easy money fueled a real-estate bubble in the 1990s and […]

Leftist Thought Police

Insanity: “In the humanities and social sciences, they note, surveys show that the percentage of self-described Marxist professors is around 18%, or nearly double that of self-described Republicans.” From the WSJ: ‘Progressives rule higher education,” write political scientists Jon Shields and Joshua Dunn Sr. in “Passing on the Right,” a new book on the dearth […]

Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!

Help stop the Obama/Democrat attack on common sense! Target’s store policy endangers women and children by allowing men to frequent women’s facilities. Provide single bathrooms for them. Intelligent Conservatives, Read On: – Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!

Student Loan Crisis

Reminds Thee-IC of the housing bubble. Loans given out without proper vetting. Also, tuition for most of the the colleges are inflated. Where will it end? From the WSJ: More than 40% of Americans who borrowed from the government’s main student-loan program aren’t making payments or are behind on more than $200 billion owed, raising worries that […]

Spoiled Students vs. Past Scholars

Some healthy perspective From the National Review: To put student complaints into perspective, take a trip to the good old days. The infant undergrads of America hit another low last Monday when Emory students woke up and discovered that pro-Trump slogans had been written in chalk on some of the university’s sidewalks. According to the […]

Conservatism- The One Kind of Diversity Colleges Avoid

Where will this end? Over-priced and leftist propaganda machines? Catholic universities are usually no better. From the WSJ: Many universities are redoubling their efforts to diversify their faculties in response to last fall’s wave of protests from student groups representing women and minorities. Yale, for example, has announced a $50 million, five-year initiative to enhance […]

Why Are Democrats Against Vouchers?

Great story on a great school but sadly, 60 Minutes failed to tell the audience about the Democrats opposition to vouchers and charter schools. From Forbes: “60 Minutes” did a great job Sunday night of telling the story of St. Benedict’s Prep, a boys’ Catholic high school in the heart of Newark, N.J., that year […]

Recruitment of Foreign Students Sows Discord

Colleges have been heavily recruiting Int’l students, especially from China, India, ad Saudi Arabia. The percentages of these students at some universities is shocking.  What percentage is the optimal? From the WSJ: Chutian Shao moved from China to the Midwest college town of Champaign, Ill., a few years ago. Some days, he says, it feels […]

Visit the Reagan Library and Vatican Exhibit

A definite journey worth making, is a pilgrimage to the excellent museum in southern California. It will give you hope that America can once again emerge from despair to hope with a great visionary leader. We need a pope and president that can can work together to defeat jihad just as JPII and Reagan took down […]

In Defense of Charter School Discipline

The left wants to keep kids in poorly performing schools with no competition. From the WSJ: This year charter-school enrollment grew by 260,000 studentsnationwide. Most of the fastest-growing charter networks, including Success Academies in New York City, which I run, believe we have a responsibility both to push children to achieve their potential and to […]

Liberal History Whitewash

Sadly, more corruption in education today. From National Review: Whom would our undergrads revile if they knew a bit more history? A fetish for de-honoring objectionable historical figures is sweeping American college campuses. Targets range from unrepentant bastards like Jeffery Amherst to imperfect great men like Thomas Jefferson. I wonder if America’s undergrads realize that […]

How to Finance College

Many good links on this page! From the WSJ: College is one of the biggest investments any parent—or student—will make. But how much do they really know about the high finance of higher education? Here are eight questions that should give them a good head start. Intelligent Conservatives, Read On: Eight Questions to Answer Before […]