Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

Interesting case that will have huge implications, if the plaintiffs prevail. From the WSJ: Defending free speech has been a notable strength of the current Supreme Court, and on Monday the Justices hear a case that gives them a rare and splendid opportunity to repair damage to the First Amendment done by the Court itself. […]

The Top 200 Greatest Sites of the U.S.A.

This bucket list compiles 200 of America’s greatest treasures. From the skyscrapers of New York to the small villages of New England to the dunes of New Mexico and the coral reefs of Hawai’i, America is an intoxicatingly stunning and diverse country and there’s enough to see to satisfy a lifetime’s worth of experiences. Source: […]

Left-Wing Hypocrisy

The Left’s highly selective application of today’s standards to yesterday’s heroes. The latest round of condemning the past on the moral criteria of the present started with banning the Confederate flag from public places. Now it is on to airbrushing away progressive old white guy Woodrow Wilson, in Trotskyized fashion, from public commemoration. But do […]

Tips for Dads

I have had numerous conversations over the years with other Catholic dads about the challenges of raising kids in today’s world. The discussions usually center on the bad cultural influences affecting our children, our hectic schedules, and our well-intentioned desire to be better fathers. We mean well, but how do we move from conversation to […]