Christianity Is Exploding in China

While Christianity is waning in many parts of the world, in China it is growing rapidly – despite state strictures. The rise in evangelical Protestantism in particular, driven both by people’s spiritual yearnings and individual human needs in a collective society, is taking place in nearly every part of the nation.Western visitors used to seeing […]

Science Makes the Case for God

Great article to share with your agnostic/atheist friends: In 1966 Time magazine ran a cover story asking: Is God Dead? Many have accepted the cultural narrative that he’s obsolete—that as science progresses, there is less need for a “God” to explain the universe. Yet it turns out that the rumors of God’s death were premature. […]

Watch: Why the Ten Commandments Still Matter

Humanity has everything it needs to create a good world. We’ve had it for 3,000 years. It’s the Ten Commandments; ten basic, yet profound instructions for how to lead a moral life. If everyone followed the Ten Commandments, we would not need armies or police; marriages and families would be stronger; truth would be a […]

Top 25 Country Songs of Faith

Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Top 25 Country Songs of Faith, including ”Bless the Broken Road,” ”Touchdown Jesus,” ”Jesus Take the Wheel,” and many more. Buy the album for $13.99. Songs start at $1.29. Source: Top 25 Country Songs of Faith by Various Artists on iTunes

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi Islam Created ISIS

Abd al-Wahhab argued that all Muslims must individually pledge their allegiance to a single Muslim leader (a Caliph, if there were one). Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated, he wrote. The list of apostates meriting death included the Shia, Sufis and […]

“Transgender” Truths

From the WSJ: The government and media alliance advancing the transgender cause has gone into overdrive in recent weeks. On May 30, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services review board ruled that Medicare can pay for the “reassignment” surgery sought by the transgendered—those who say that they don’t identify with their biological sex. […]

Pope Francis’ Views on Islam

Fr. Samir, SJ, on the positive and the problematic in Pope Francis’ statements about Islam “All the Christian dogmas are rejected by the Koran and Islam.” Muslims “together with us adore the One, merciful God” (No. 252) I would advise caution here. It is true Muslims worship one and merciful God. However, this sentence suggests […]