Nat Hentoff, R.I.P. A View from the Pro-Life Left

A Great article to share with leftist friends. Secular Pro-Life Champion Nat Hentoff, RIP Posted on Jan 8, 2017 in 2017 Walk for Life, Blog, Secular Pro-Life | The pro-life movement, and the whole country,  lost a courageous and unique voice yesterday. Mr. Nat Hentoff, a lifelong gadfly for justice and truth passed away at […]

David Daleiden and CMP Beat 1st Lawsuit-Explosive Videos Released Soon?

This disgusting company “parts out” human being to grisly research labs at prestigious universities, while the corrupt Dems give hundreds of millions to PP and then “donate” back to the Democrats. BUT, when the videos California confiscated are released they will be the final hammer in denying federal funding to Planned Parenthood! From National Review: […]

Saline Abortion Survivor to Speak at the Walk for Life

This is an incredible story of the torture of a tiny human being for 5 days. Melissa’s mom was forced into the abortion by her own mother. What kind people salt a baby to death? What kind of society allows it? What kind of media covers it up? video  By Valerie Schmalz Catholic San Francisco Melissa […]

Alinsky Inspired Groups invited to Int’l Vatican Conference in California

PICO National Network, the largest network of faith-based organizing groups, just announced a conference with the Vatican’s Integral Human Development, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Campaign for Human Development… Why is the far left, Soros funded PICO, with Alinsky’s atheistic Communist roots co-hosting a Vatican conference? “Saul Alinsky was more attracted to the militant alternative modeled by the […]

Great News: Planned Parenthood Fears Defunding!

Hopefully, the Congress will cut the funding. Also, the Senate has referred PP for criminal charges for fetal trafficking. The DOJ will ignore it until the new AG takes over. Keep praying for the holy innocent ones. From the WAPO: Planned Parenthood officials are scrambling to prepare for the likelihood that Congress next year will […]

Disturbing Account of Catholic Islamic Dialogue

This is an excellent summary of the one sided dialogue over the last few decades. Saudi Arabia after the Siege of Mecca in 1979 , has been pumping billions into Wahhabi dawa all over the world, including most of our public universities and many of our Catholic ones. Extremist Muslims are entering the USA and […]