Benedict XVI Reflects on the Last Things

  Pope BXIV is an incredible theologian and humble Christian. This is an interesting extract from the his new book, Last Testament – In His Own Words — Pope Benedict XVI With Peter Seewald. “Pope Emeritus discusses his approach to death, judgment and how close he feels to Jesus as he reaches the end of […]

Sisters Return to Convent in Recovered Christian Town

“It has been two years and four months since we left Nineveh Plain. It has been long time of displacement, of humiliation, of exile… There are many Christian militants among the army, and some of them we know. So, they have been sending us photos of our Christian towns that are being recaptured. The photos […]

Fr. Robert Aluma Wadri of Uganda

Fr Robert Aluma Wadri is a Catholic Priest of Arua Diocese in Uganda, near the source of the Nile. He comes from a humble background, born to Adriano Adia and Florence Alungaru on October 15, 1975. His father, who passed in 2002, was a school teacher and his mother a subsistence farmer.  Luckily, his childhood […]

Cardinal Zen: Vatican’s Chinese Communist Illusions

  We pray the Pope listens to this loyal Catholic. “Pope Francis has no real knowledge of communism,” the cardinal laments. He blames Francis’ experience in Argentina, where military dictators and rich elites did evil while actual or accused communists suffered trying to help the downtrodden. “So the Holy Father knew the persecuted communists, not […]

Breaking: Christ’s Burial Slab Revealed

The burial place of Christ has been known, without interruption, by Christians of Jerusalem for 2000 years. The Romans built a temple over the site to spite the Faithful and attempt to thwart the growth of Christianity. I actually prayed at the tomb as the sister is depicted and encountered the same Coptic monk in […]

Matt Britton: 40 Days for Life Saved 12,000!

“40 Days for Life” gathered at criminal Planned Parenthood in San Rafael and was visited by Matt Britton, the Chairman of the Board. Matt energized the crowd of faithful with account of the growth of “40 Days” to an Int’l organization that has saved c. 12,000 lives in 12 years! He also led the group of 20 supporters in […]