Great News: Planned Parenthood Fears Defunding!

Hopefully, the Congress will cut the funding. Also, the Senate has referred PP for criminal charges for fetal trafficking. The DOJ will ignore it until the new AG takes over. Keep praying for the holy innocent ones. From the WAPO: Planned Parenthood officials are scrambling to prepare for the likelihood that Congress next year will […]

Disturbing Account of Catholic Islamic Dialogue

This is an excellent summary of the one sided dialogue over the last few decades. Saudi Arabia after the Siege of Mecca in 1979 , has been pumping billions into Wahhabi dawa all over the world, including most of our public universities and many of our Catholic ones. Extremist Muslims are entering the USA and […]

Benedict XVI Reflects on the Last Things

  Pope BXIV is an incredible theologian and humble Christian. This is an interesting extract from the his new book, Last Testament – In His Own Words — Pope Benedict XVI With Peter Seewald. “Pope Emeritus discusses his approach to death, judgment and how close he feels to Jesus as he reaches the end of […]

Sisters Return to Convent in Recovered Christian Town

“It has been two years and four months since we left Nineveh Plain. It has been long time of displacement, of humiliation, of exile… There are many Christian militants among the army, and some of them we know. So, they have been sending us photos of our Christian towns that are being recaptured. The photos […]