House Passes EPA Transparency Bill

Good News “The days of ‘trust-me’ science are over. In our modern information age, federal regulations should be based only on data that is available for every American to see and that can be subjected to independent review,” he continued. “That’s called the scientific method.” From The Blaze: The Honest and Open New EPA Science […]

‘Transgender’ Conditioning is Child Abuse

Before the Supreme Court legalized “gay marriage” this was a non-issue. Now, cancer causing hormones that can’t be given to menopausal women are given to confused kids. God help us.  From Lifesite: George Orwell famously wrote, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” For those tethered to biological reality, […]

Opiates: American Carnage

  A terrible scourge is sweeping much of the country. Young and old of all classes. 52,000 Americans died of overdoses in 2015—about four times as many as died from gun homicides and half again as many as died in car accidents. Drug overdoses were 15,000 in 2000. Oxycontin was the precursor. Instead of taking a […]

Letter to Trump from MIT’s Lindzen re: “Global Warming”

This Prof. has been unbelievably clear and effective in explaining the issues with the Climate Change” scam since it was known as GW. Btw, the Russian prediction of Global Cooling in the ’20’s is looking more likely. Don’t worry, it will still be blamed on Capitalism. From Powerline: Professor Lindzen recently wrote a letter to […]

Why is Transgender Considered an Identity but Anorexia a Disorder?

Pray for these souls and our collapsing society. “Normalizing gender dysphoria pushes other mentally ill people further into the shadows.” By Moira Fleming of The Federalist: …I approach this topic with a wrenching awareness of what it feels like to be disconnected from your body, to hate with every fiber of your being the way […]

California’s Oroville Dam Crisis Overview

  People have been allowed to return to their homes under a warning of possible evacuation again. TheeIC agrees with this, so people can gather valuables and keepsakes but people in Oroville down to Gridley should be evacuated when water inflows rise above 100k or ANY sign of trouble and others at the ready. To […]

Acton’s Gregg on Progressivism’s Dark History

An excellent book review by the excellent Samuel Gregg, Research Director at the Acton Institute. Save it for your “progressive” friends. “A new book details the progressive movement’s reliance on eugenics and race science as well as its effort to exclude the disabled, blacks, immigrants, the poor, and women from full participation in American society.” […]

The Atlantic’s Fake Science: Unborn Babies Aren’t Alive, etc

How many liberals have the Atlantic laying around the house? Yet they are superior to us uneducated rubes? “A new article in The Atlantic claims that the heartbeats of unborn babies are “imaginary,” that those babies aren’t really alive, and that ultrasounds are just one more tool of the patriarchy.” From the Federalist: Forget the […]

Hubble Changed Our Knowledge of The Universe

This is the best article recapping the incredible leap in knowledge over the last 25 years. Forward this to all your family and friends. From Forbes: The Hubble Space Telescope took its first images in 1990, but there was a problem: the primary mirror was flawed. It was ever-so-slightly the wrong shape, meaning that the […]