Huge Plans for NASA

  Trump is planning on refocusing NASA on space and away from Climate Change. Obama had slashed Bush’s “Constellation” plans to return to the moon, and instead focused on “Islamic outreach”, and blaming humanity for “climate change”. Bob Walker and Newt Gingrich aim to have a moon base and then to Mars. Privatizing the Space Station […]

Good News: Skeptic Ebell will take on the E.P.A.

Hopefully American ingenuity will be unleashed and ridiculous regulations lessened. From the NY Times: The mug-shot posters, pasted on walls and lampposts around Paris by an activist group during the United Nations climate talks last year, were hardly flattering. They depicted Myron Ebell, a climate contrarian, as one of seven “climate criminals” wanted for “destroying […]

Global Greening: Benefits of CO2

THERE HAS BEEN A 14% INCREASE IN VEGETATION OVER THE LAST 30 YEARS. CO2 IS UP TO 400 PPM. WHICH IS STILL ONLY  0.04%. LOOKS LIKE IT IS HELPING THE WORLD, LIKE OTHER PERIODS OF WARMING. Matt Ridley, along with Bjorn Lomborg, are 2 of my favorite “warmists”. “These days there is a legion of […]

Toyota Introduces a robot buddy for $400

  Amazon Echo has nothing on this little guy. Sooner, rather than later, there will be a “cabbage patch kid/Iphone craze” that will sweep the nation. Remember the Tamagotchi Virtual Reality Pet? This robot buddy may be it. Watch the 2 minute video From Digital Trends.  Three years ago a small robot called Kirobo blasted […]

Self-Driving Hype Doesn’t Reflect Reality

More hype…the science is far off “In the near term, “self-driving” cars will resemble Teslas, with their “traffic-aware cruise control” that can maintain a safe following distance, change lanes and stop in an emergency. Then we’re likely to see vehicles that don’t require drivers but can only operate on a fixed, well-mapped route in cities […]

MIT: Tesla’s Next Broken Promise

Very interesting article which includes information on general automobile manufacturing, as well. From MIT Tech Review: Tesla Motors and its chief executive, Elon Musk, have made an indelible mark on the global automotive industry with their celebrated battery-powered cars, purchased by consumers whose passion for Tesla appears boundless. If that feat just a few years […]

Rising Emissions Show Paris Climate Agreement is a Farce

CO2 is not a pollutant and the lack of sunspots may lead to a few colder decades. Will the warmists then call for more carbon to stop climate change? No they will blame pollution for blocking the sun.  “Obama has no power to ratify any international agreement. This could only be done with the agreement […]

Can Blood Tests Detect Mental Illnesses?

A brain tumor appears as a malformed blob on a brain scan, shining white among the surrounding gray tissue—a certain and devastating diagnosis. Doctors can begin treatment immediately, trying to save the most important organ in the body. The brain, however, is also vulnerable to many more, much less visible ailments.Consider the case of Allie […]

‘Star Trek’ at 50

Klingons, Romulans and blue-skinned Andorians roamed the corridors of a Las Vegas casino recently during the nation’s largest annual Star Trek convention. Other fans were dressed up as Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and characters who appeared more fleetingly in the franchise’s six TV series and 13 movies. The most obscure reference to the Star Trek […]

Why the Public is Right to Mistrust Science

This is a good editorial from a non-conservative site. It provides some hope. “If the public does not trust science, I say many scientists have given them good reason. Scientists need to be more trustworthy. We need to stop looking down on the public. We need to stop playing politics and taking up the banner […]

Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Rules 

A little sanity from the bench. How will it play out. This Alinskite president is a disaster. From the WSJ: A federal judge in Texas has temporarily blocked the Obama administration’s directive allowing transgender public school students to use the bathroom of their choice, siding with Texas and a coalition of 12 other states that […]