Global Cooling in 2020? Warmists try to Bury Findings

Also, Russian Scientists for years have been focusing on the Sun, which is ignored by the GW fanatics. Climate is a result of a multitude of forces not just man-made greenhouse gasses. From the Washington Times: ASTROPHYSICIST WHO FORESEES GLOBAL COOLING SAYS OTHER SCIENTISTS TRIED TO ‘SILENCE’ HER A physicist who foresees a 30-year period […]

“Gamechanger” Asthma Drug may Revolutionize Treatment

Promising news from the UK. From the Guardian: A new asthma drug that could revolutionise the treatment of the 500,000 Britons with moderate or severe versions of the condition and reduce the number of deaths from has been hailed as a “gamechanger”. Asthma treatment has barely changed over 20 years, with those who cannot easily […]

Can Brain Exercise Put Off Dementia?

Some good news: “The results … were presented Sunday at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto, the world’s largest gathering of Alzheimer’s researchers. The study is believed to be the first to demonstrate that a behavioral intervention can reduce the incidence of dementia.” From the WSJ: One particular type of mental exercise may succeed […]

Nativist Enviro-Nazis Plan 450,000 Tree Clearcut in SF Bay Area

The idiots have taken over the Sierra Club. Where are the tree huggers when you need one? Btw, the “perfect” Native Americans had decimated the forests by burning them to make it easier to hunt. Non-native Euro-Americans want to remove non-native trees, like the fog catching Eucalyptus in SF, too. Maybe they should remove themselves from […]

No Sunspots = Global Cooling?

Solar expert Valentina Zharkova warns that the earth is about to be affected by a solar event that will see temperatures plunge This damp and cold summer may be a sign of things to come with the earth poised to enter a 30-year mini ice-age which may freeze the Tyne, says a world-leading Newcastle academic. […]

Sex Abuse Scandal: 2,400 Doctors Implicated

Why isn’t this front page news on the NY Times and every paper in America?  Oh yes, only Catholic priests are perverts. From ABC News: More than 2,400 U.S. doctors have been sanctioned for sexually abusing their patients, according to a new report that, for the first time, surveyed records from all 50 states and […]

100+ Nobel Laureates Blast Greenpeace for Opposition to “Golden Rice”

The battle over genetically modified organisms reached fever pitch Thursday as 107 Nobel laureates signed a letter attacking the environmental group Greenpeace over its opposition to the modified crops. The letter specifically asks Greenpeace to halt its campaign against a genetically modified strain of rice, called Golden Rice, that produces more Vitamin A, an addition that supporters say would […]

The US grid is Vulnerable to Electromagnetic Pulses

Sooner or later the Sun (like the Solar Storm of  1859), or a EMP weapon will attack the grid and nothing is being done to protect it, in spite of  “a special EMP commission created by Congress offered a report in 2008 with nearly 100 concrete steps to mitigate the risk. For instance, upgrading the […]

Neanderthals built mysterious structures 175,000 BC

Amazing discovery. We also know Europeans have Neanderthal DNA, as well. Did they have rational souls? Free Will? When did humans receive that incredible gift? From The Guardian: Mysterious structures found deep inside a French cave are the work of Neanderthal builders who lived in the region more than 100,000 years before modern humans set […]

Researchers develop antibody that destroys cancer cells

This is a promising development. Hopefully, it will pan out asap. From Fox News: Scientists at Duke University have developed an antibody that targets cancer cells and triggers an immune response to kill tumors while leaving other cells unharmed. The emerging approach to cancer treatment holds promise as an alternative to existing immunotherapies that pose […]