Will the Dictator Mugabe be Overthrown?

Hopefully, there will be a peaceful transition and the country can emulate its neighbor Botswana which has embraced racial harmony, foreign investment, and free markets. The GDPpp of Botswana is now over $15,000 while Mugabe racist anti-white and socialist policies have destroyed the economy. The GDPpp is less than $2,000 today. The Zimbabwe dollar devalued […]

Ruthless Purge by Young Saudi Crown Prince

Will he be able to bring Saudi Arabia back to the pre-Seige of Mecca Days? From the BBC: Big things are happening in Saudi Arabia. Princes, ministers and top businessmen are being arrested, detained in a luxury hotel, accused of corruption, their planes grounded and their assets seized. The driving force behind this is 32-year-old […]

Misleading New Report on the Climate

True, the U.S. has had more heat waves in recent years—but no more than a century ago. “the government should convene a “Red/Blue” adversarial review to stress-test the entire report” At Langley Research Center reviewing data on a laser ozone mapping experiment in Hampton, Va. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/SCIENCE SOURCE From the WSJ: The world’s response to climate […]

The Paris Statement – A Europe We Can Believe In

Powerful and Hopeful THE PARIS STATEMENT: A EUROPE WE CAN BELIEVE IN 1. Europe belongs to us, and we belong to Europe. These lands are our home; we have no other. The reasons we hold Europe dear exceed our ability to explain or justify our loyalty. It is a matter of shared histories, hopes and loves. It is […]

100th anniversary of Russia’s Evil Communist Revolution

When evil Please, send this article to every thinking person you know…. When evil triumphed: The 100th anniversary of Russia’s October Revolution The centenary of the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917 should be an occasion for understanding Marxism’s amoral and pseudo-religious nature. ————— One hundred years ago on October 25 (Old Style Calendar), a […]

Trump UN Speech: Endorses Freedom & Security

He called out North Korea and Iran for the lying evildoers that they are. From NR: It is becoming difficult to believe that the ever-more-silly entertainment world, an echo chamber of escalating primal imbecilic utterances in a hall of mirrors, festers in the same country that, as its president correctly told the United Nations on […]

New Approach Needed on North Korea

With another missile test by Kim Jong Un, sanctions will not be enough to address this growing threat. Trump needs to implement a more comprehensive regime-changing strategy that will be more than the “denuclearization” approach of the presidents. From the National Review: Ten years ago, the Bush administration reversed policy on North Korea, in a […]