Better Famine Relief

To improve nutrition, the free distribution of food as practiced by the WFP, and the broad subsidy policies of developing countries designed to keep prices low, may not always be the best strategy. As we recently pointed out in the print edition, the WFP has been experimenting with the greater use of cash benefits and […]

China’s New Arabian Sea Port

Russia wanted this warm water port in the ’80’s, which is why we unfortunately supported Gen Zia’s Islamic centralization of the country. Intelligent Conservatives, Read On: Gwadar Port: Pakistan, China all set to develop master plan – The Express Tribune

Marin Catholic Frees Slaves

A Denver pastor is using her personal stories about freeing South Sudanese slaves to inspire Marin Catholic High School students to support her cause and advocate an end to slavery. The Rev. Heidi McGinness has been working with Christian Solidarity International — a nonprofit human rights organization — for about 10 years, documenting the stories […]

Easter Island’s Heads Have Bodies!

THE giant stone statues scattered around remote Easter Island are even more impressive than they first appear. Hidden from view, the heads are attached to bodies that extend metres underground. Source: Archaeologists have known since 1919 that Easter Island’s heads have bodies. Did you?