Terrorist Propaganda Flourishes On-line

and in Mosques….but all the liberals care about are Trump’s tweets, Russia,  and going after orthodox Christians. Btw, the hate preacher below is based in the USA but the WSJ leaves that fact out. From The WSJ: Online terrorist propaganda is attracting fresh criticism in the wake of Saturday’s deadly terror attack in London. Prime […]

Jihadi Suicide Bomber Kills 20+ at Manchester Concert

Manchester is 1/6 Muslim now and 16 other jihadis have come from here. People like Robert Spencer are demonized and poisoned (watch his video),  while jihadi preachers (funded by our friend Saudi Arabia) and websites (protected as free speech) flourish on FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc. as conservatives are censored. See Dawa by Ayaan Hirsi Ali […]

DHS Catches Less than 1% of Visa Overstays

We are getting looser, instead of tighter since 9/11. From Judicial Watch: Fifteen years after Islamic terrorists exploited the U.S. government’s inept method of tracking visa overstays, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) still uses an antiquated system that doesn’t have the capability to get the job done. This allows foreign individuals, who may “pose […]

Bulgaria Unveils Ronald Reagan Statue 

Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch provided key support for the project. THESE SHOULD BE ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES RESTON, VA— A marble nine-foot monument of President Ronald Reagan is set to be unveiled May 10 in Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia. The monument, which transpired with key input and advice from Young America’s Foundation […]

‘Kurandza’ Helps African Women Succeed 

Elisabetta Colabianchi, founder of Kurandza, is a woman of faith who strives to help the women of Mozambique recognize their dignity and build up small businesses. She wants to help them help themselves. She currently fundraising to help bring Percina, the local Director to the US in August. Percina will meet with Kurandza supporters, share her […]

Corruption: U.N. Elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission

“It was a secret ballot, but the math tells us that at least 15 of the following democratic member states of the U.N. Economic and Social Council voted to elect Saudi Arabia to the U.N.’s women’s rights commission” The U.N. is losing what little credibility it has left. From UN Watch: The Geneva-based human rights group […]

Globalist Illusions and the Disappointment of Global Governance

An excellent analysis by Samuel Gregg, Research Director at the Acton Institute. “Modern global governance projects have manifested themselves in Western thought at least since the eighteenth-century. In 1713, a Catholic priest, the Abbé de Saint-Pierre, published a book entitled Projet pour rendre la paix perpétuelle en Europe (“A Project for Bringing about Perpetual Peace […]

It is Time to Bury Lenin for Good

The great famine of 1921-22 — which killed five million people due, in part, to his collectivization of farm land during the time of “war communism” — would give him the excuse he needed. In a letter to the Politburo on March 19, 1922, Lenin wrote: With the help of all those starving people who […]

SOS Chretien d’Orient: French Catholics Help MidEast Christians

Good News! From France With Love: SOS Chretien d’Orient Helps Persecuted Middle-East Faithful Inspired by participation in France’s La Manif Pour Tous campaign, a group of young French Catholic friends have mobilized a network of 600 volunteers working in several countries. By Edward Pentin National Catholic register: VATICAN CITY — In 2013, a small group […]

The US Needs to Help ISIS Genocide Survivors

We were contacted by Andrew Walther, vice president of strategic planning at the Knights of Columbus, regarding the administration moving forward on helping these victims. It has been one year since the toothless U.N. Declaration was made. It was Russia’s bombing of jihadis which forced the previous administration to do something. Now, under Mattis ISIS will […]