Hopeful Christmas in Aleppo, Syria

Christians Celebrate Christians in Syria and Iraq are hopeful this Christmas for the first time in years. Putin leaves much to be desired and Assad is a brutal dictator but the Christians living in Syria and Iraq prefer them to ISIS and the “moderate” Sharia loving rebels that, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama armed illegally. […]

Jihadi Kills Russian Ambassador to Turkey

Obama let ISIS fester and shipped weapons to “moderate Sunni rebels” in Syria. Turkey is lead by a Sunni Islamist.  Time for Russia and the USA to team up against ISIS.  From the WSJ: Shooter opened fire on Andrey Karlov at gallery opening; official says assailant was Turkish police officer ISTANBUL—A young Turkish policeman, railing […]

Trump’s Calculated Move on Taiwan

Why does the US let China bully East Asia? They are trying to steal resources. We need to build up our relationships and renegotiate the TTP Trade agreement transparently and get rid of the crony parts. The Republican Platform states: “As a loyal friend of America, Taiwan has merited our strong support, including free trade […]

Miami Cubans react to Fidel’s Death: “Cuba sí, Castro no!”

Will his death change anything? Raul is still dictator. How should Trump react? Maybe the USA should tie the opening of trade to the freeing religious and political prisoners. May God help this beautiful island reach its potential. From Fox News Latino: Within half an hour of the Cuban government’s official announcement that former President Fidel […]

Giuliani on Defeating ISIS

“I think the way we exited Iraq was the worst decision made in American history,” Giuliani went after the Mafia, like a good Italian boy, corrupt Milken and Boesky, and cleaned up NYC. San Francisco needs a mayor like him. TheeIC would like to see him as AG prosecuting the Clintons and their Cronies. But […]