Trump’s Calculated Move on Taiwan

Why does the US let China bully East Asia? They are trying to steal resources. We need to build up our relationships and renegotiate the TTP Trade agreement transparently and get rid of the crony parts. The Republican Platform states: “As a loyal friend of America, Taiwan has merited our strong support, including free trade […]

Miami Cubans react to Fidel’s Death: “Cuba sí, Castro no!”

Will his death change anything? Raul is still dictator. How should Trump react? Maybe the USA should tie the opening of trade to the freeing religious and political prisoners. May God help this beautiful island reach its potential. From Fox News Latino: Within half an hour of the Cuban government’s official announcement that former President Fidel […]

Giuliani on Defeating ISIS

“I think the way we exited Iraq was the worst decision made in American history,” Giuliani went after the Mafia, like a good Italian boy, corrupt Milken and Boesky, and cleaned up NYC. San Francisco needs a mayor like him. TheeIC would like to see him as AG prosecuting the Clintons and their Cronies. But […]

Obama Administration Descriminates against Christians

  Sickening and Depressing and it will continue under Hillary. Where is the Pope and other Western leaders? From the Gatestone Institute: Those Arabs from nations with large Christian populations or with Christian names failed the Obama team’s “religious tests.” The Obama government’s bias against Mideast Christians closely resembles the traditional bias Christian minorities experience […]

Wikileaks:Proof of Obama’s anti-Mideast Christian Actions

This is unbelievable. his administration is evil and Hillary just as bad. They were against Christians from 2008. Liberals favoring Muslim Brotherhood types? Does this have anything to do with the Clinton Foundation?  They wanted only Muslim Arabs to fill top positions – they excluded Christians! From Family Security Matters: In a Wiki-leaked email dated […]

Iraqi Christian Towns Liberated from EviI ISIS!

FINALLY, these towns of the original ASSYRIAN/CHALDEAN inhabitants of Ninevah are being helped. Obama allowed ISIS to take over a city of 1,000,000 and enslave and kill thousands with jihadi brutality unseen in many years. He also allowed ISIS to sell over $1 Billion in oil smuggled through Turkey. He didn’t want to “damage” the […]

Cobalt Mining and Lithium Batteries 

We are told by the elite that Iphones and other Apple products are “cool” and Tesla and Prius meet the liberal standard for ‘Green” products, while “evil” corporations especially fossil fuel corporations are the worst. These Chinese run “artisan” mining operations make BP eligible for veneration. But we can’t get a plastic bag at checkout.  […]

U.S. is barring Christian refugees?

It is scandalous that Christians, who are victims of genocide, are not being brought to the USA. In fact, Christian Refugee service providers are not even lobbying for a change in the US policy! Hopefully Sen Cotton’s bill will get support. “Four-year old Asra, a Christian refugee from Syria, stands in front of a Christmas […]