Cobalt Mining and Lithium Batteries 

We are told by the elite that Iphones and other Apple products are “cool” and Tesla and Prius meet the liberal standard for ‘Green” products, while “evil” corporations especially fossil fuel corporations are the worst. These Chinese run “artisan” mining operations make BP eligible for veneration. But we can’t get a plastic bag at checkout.  […]

U.S. is barring Christian refugees?

It is scandalous that Christians, who are victims of genocide, are not being brought to the USA. In fact, Christian Refugee service providers are not even lobbying for a change in the US policy! Hopefully Sen Cotton’s bill will get support. “Four-year old Asra, a Christian refugee from Syria, stands in front of a Christmas […]

The Siege of Byzantium

A great retelling of the Siege of Byzantium, in 717–18, Western civilization was hanging by a thread. A few years later Charles Martel would protect the Western flank of Europe. By Raymond Ibrahim in The National Review August 15, marks the anniversary of Constantinople’s victory over Muslim invaders in what historians commonly call the “Second Siege […]

Kremlin Connections: Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s State Department 

The Obama administration with the corrupt Clinton’s is the most disastrous in US history.  “What is known is that the State Department recruited and facilitated the commitment of billions of American dollars in the creation of a Russian “Silicon Valley” whose technological innovations include Russian hypersonic cruise-missile engines, radar surveillance equipment, and vehicles capable of […]

Knife Killer of 19, Wanted to Rid Japan of the Disabled

  So sick. This euthanasia supporter sent his plans to authorities, he was subsequently fired and arrested but was released out of the pyscho ward. From the NY Times: SAGAMIHARA, Japan — A mass stabbing at a center for people with disabilities outside Tokyo on Tuesday shocked Japan, where violent crimes are extremely rare. A former employee who […]

Wave of Terror Shakes Germany

Germany is reeling from insane violence. Machetes, guns, knives, and even a SUICIDE BOMBER have been used to kill in the last 10 days. 1 million were let in, in only 20 months! How should Germany respond? The root of this is ISIS and even deeper fanatical Islam. The leftists keep making excuses for it. Clinton […]

John Kerry: Climate Change as Big a Threat as ISIS

What an incompetent fool. “Yesterday, I met in Washington with 45 nations – defense ministers and foreign ministers – as we were working together on the challenge of Daesh, ISIL, and terrorism,” Kerry said at the Vienna summit. “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we – you – are doing here […]

Munich Siege Underway-many dead

Update July 24, 2016 The killer was a 18 year old German Iranian. Police are linking the depressed killer to mass shooting and not ISIS. 9 killed, 27 injured of whom 10 are in critical condition. Hopefully, it will not reach the 15 originally feared. From RT: Police say they are dealing with a “shooting […]

We Muslims Must End Our Silence on Islamist Terror

Hope this starts to spread. Bush did a better job that feckless Obama. Mansoor Ijaz a Pakistani American: “we must develop integrated neighbourhood watch committees whose job it is to know all those who go in and out of our areas. These groups should comprise Muslims, Jews, Christians, agnostics — anyone who wants peaceful coexistence […]