Wave of Terror Shakes Germany

Germany is reeling from insane violence. Machetes, guns, knives, and even a SUICIDE BOMBER have been used to kill in the last 10 days. 1 million were let in, in only 20 months! How should Germany respond? The root of this is ISIS and even deeper fanatical Islam. The leftists keep making excuses for it. Clinton […]

John Kerry: Climate Change as Big a Threat as ISIS

What an incompetent fool. “Yesterday, I met in Washington with 45 nations – defense ministers and foreign ministers – as we were working together on the challenge of Daesh, ISIL, and terrorism,” Kerry said at the Vienna summit. “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we – you – are doing here […]

Munich Siege Underway-many dead

Update July 24, 2016 The killer was a 18 year old German Iranian. Police are linking the depressed killer to mass shooting and not ISIS. 9 killed, 27 injured of whom 10 are in critical condition. Hopefully, it will not reach the 15 originally feared. From RT: Police say they are dealing with a “shooting […]

We Muslims Must End Our Silence on Islamist Terror

Hope this starts to spread. Bush did a better job that feckless Obama. Mansoor Ijaz a Pakistani American: “we must develop integrated neighbourhood watch committees whose job it is to know all those who go in and out of our areas. These groups should comprise Muslims, Jews, Christians, agnostics — anyone who wants peaceful coexistence […]

Turkey Army Coup of Islamist Erdogan

Hopefully this will not cause a civil war but replace the Islamic gov’t with a leader like Egypt’s Sisi, who is not prefect but better than Islamists. Btw, Ergodan son has been the key to ISIS oil smuggling. Ergodan has been trying to restore the Ottoman Empire and Sharia. He wants to join the EU […]

Saudi-Funded Mosque Opened in Nice Before Attack

We need to go after ISIS on the ground, the internet, and stop the Wahhabi mosques. Infiltrate them and use RICO type laws. From Breitbart News: An Islamic Mosque, funded and owned by a hardline, “fundamentalist” Saudi Arabian cleric, opened in the Nice just two weeks before the Southern French city was struck by a […]

Breaking News: 80+ Dead in Jihadi Bastille Day Attack in Nice

Tunisian Muslim. How and when will this end? God Help Humanity. From Jihad Watch: …“according to the Twitter account of the terrorism-news portal TRACTerrorism.org, Islamic State affiliated Telegram accounts were posting images from Nice.” And this was no accident: according to the BBC, “The local prefecture has urged people in the area to remain indoors, […]

The Myth of New, Cool Cosmopolitans

“They can’t see that paeans to multicultural openness can sound like self-serving cant coming from open-borders Londoners who love Afghan restaurants but would never live near an immigrant housing project, or American liberals who hail the end of whiteness while doing everything possible to keep their kids out of majority-minority schools.” Ross Douthat in The […]

Istanbul Ataturk Airport Attack: Deaths Rise to 41 

Turkey’s President Erdogan has been nurturing jihadists and his son has been helping with the black market sale of ISIS oil. While Obama is speaking about Global Warming at the summit and Clinton worries about Islamophobic bullying in LA.  From the BBC: Turkey is observing a national day of mourning after a gun and suicide bomb […]

Brexit Shocker: UK votes to leave EU

The UK has voted by a narrow margin to leave the European Union in an historic referendum, with UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailing it as “independence day” but the pound falls to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985. From the BBC: The UK has voted to leave the European Union after 43 years […]

History of Islam “the Religion of Peace”

Islam is the worst heresy in the history of Christianity. The barbarity is unsurpassed in world history. It has been a plague on the world. From the American Thinker: When one thinks of mass murder, Hitler comes to mind. If not Hitler, then Tojo, Stalin, or Mao. Credit is given to the 20th-century totalitarians as […]

UN: Islamic State committing genocide against Yazidis

Finally, but about a year too late and will the UN actually do anything to help them? Will they favor the indigenous peoples or the Muslims? From the Reuters: Islamic State is committing genocide against the Yazidis in Syria and Iraq to destroy the religious community of 400,000 people through killings, sexual slavery and other […]