MidEast Christians: ‘Jesus Will Always Be With Us’

The Christian Community in Lebanon aids 1000’s of refugees with ongoing Knights of Columbus Support         From Columbian: On a hot afternoon in September, some 400 Iraqi refugee children sat cross-legged in rapt attention in a Catholic school courtyard in Beirut, Lebanon. A priest recounted the Old Testament story of how Joseph […]

Iran Protests: People Tired of Theocratic Government, While the Left is Silent

Interesting commentary on the recent Iranian protests. The left’s silence on this issue is unfortunate. From Maccabee Society: To the delight of freedom-lovers and theocracy-haters around the world, Iranians are protesting the cruelty, corruption, and overwhelming ineptitude of their government. Despite heavy censorship of the media, the people understand quite well that they suffer from […]

Canada is Losing Religious Liberty

Recent laws and statements in Canada have greatly endangered religious liberty. Foster parents are not allowed to be against pre-marital sexual activity for the children, and are required to permit children to change their “gender identity.” Sadly, some U.S. states are following similar paths. From the Daily Signal: Outside of watching the occasional hockey game […]

The Marian Option

Another great Acton Connection When Planning the Birth of a New Society, Invite the Mother From Crisis Magazine: At a class at Acton University, Dr. Carrie Gress was lecturing about the Benedict Option and somewhat informally proposed a Marian option. She said she was impressed by the interest the proposal sparked. I happened to be […]

Catholic Lite and Europe’s Demographic Suicide

Are the churches of Europe turning around the decline in attendance with the “Mercy” Pope? Are Muslims dominating the schools and streets in many areas? What can we do? COMMENTARY: Europe’s population predicament bespeaks, first and foremost, a colossal evangelical failure. George Weigel in EWTN: Ten years ago, after my meditation on Europe, The Cube […]

Happy Easter

I pray for a happy day with loved ones, for all the readers of the Thee IC. Your support is appreciated. Please remember our Christian brethren, who stay strong in their faith in spite of persecution. Let us not be complacent. God Bless. From National Review: The humbling truth of Easter By Kevin D. Williamson […]

The Federalist Pipeline to the Supreme Court

An excellent article worth the read. Thank God for Leonard Leo, a strong Catholic, who is profiled. May this hope give you hope this Easter: “In 1992, they had their first child, Margaret, who was born with spina bifida, which confined her to a wheelchair and led to other medical complications. “She was a real […]

Catholic Enablers of Islam

  A bit harsh but a good read. It leaves out the Siege of Mecca and the Iranian revolution. Previously, Islam was less threatening under the Baathist movement. By William Kilpatrick in Crisis; I recently wrote a piece about the civilizational struggle with Islam. In response, a reader asked for some specific practical ways that […]