Poor Countries Want Cheap Electricity

Send this to your kind hearted friends… From the GWPF: “Foreign aid should not be used to generate costly and unreliable “green” electricity in countries where hundreds of millions need the exact opposite: cheap and reliable power” At the end of May, Zimbabwe’s state monopoly, ZESA, reached a last-minute deal to continue importing electricity. ZESA […]

EPA’s Pruitt Proposes New Climate Science Assessment

“What the American people deserve is a true, legitimate, peer-reviewed, objective, transparent discussion about CO2,” he said. “There was a great article that was in the Wall Street Journal about a month or so ago called ‘Red Team, Blue Team’ by Steve Koonin, a scientist, I believe, at NYU. He talked about the importance of […]

No Sunspots = Global Cooling?

Solar expert Valentina Zharkova warns that the earth is about to be affected by a solar event that will see temperatures plunge This damp and cold summer may be a sign of things to come with the earth poised to enter a 30-year mini ice-age which may freeze the Tyne, says a world-leading Newcastle academic. […]

Climate Change Prosecution: United States v. Al Gore

If propounding pseudoscience in pursuit of self-serving goals is a crime, here are some hardened offenders. The attorneys general of New York and California are on the warpath. They’re fed up with dissent over the science and politics of global warming, and they’re ready to investigate the liars. California’s Kamala Harris and New York’s Eric […]

Punishing Climate-Change Skeptics

Democrats want to unleash government to harass heretics who don’t accept the ‘consensus.’ From the WSJ:   Galileo Galilei was tried in 1633 for spreading the heretical view that the Earth orbits the sun, convicted by the Roman Catholic Inquisition, and remained under house arrest until his death. Today’s inquisitors seek their quarry’s imprisonment and […]

CO2 Increasing World Plant Growth

More good news regarding CO2, not only is it not causing the out of control heating claimed, it is having positive effects. From Scientific Reports: Enhanced levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are a likely key driver of global dryland greening, according to a paper published today in the journal Scientific Reports. The positive trend in […]

Satellite Data Shows 1998 Was Warmer Than 2015

Don’t forget the 1920’s and Medieval Warm Period! Dr. Richard Lindzen, an emeritus Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, tells Climate Depot that the claim of hottest year is nonsense. Scientists are“arguing over hundredths of a degree” when the margin of error, or uncertainty, […]

China’s Fraudulent Emissions Pledges

Chinese state-owned companies build coal-fired power plants across the developing world despite concerns about global warming and air pollution. 92 projects will have a combined capacity of 107 gigawatts, more than enough to completely offset the planned closing of coal-fired plants in the United States through 2020. Source: China’s Emissions Pledges Are Undercut by Boom […]