Terrorist Propaganda Flourishes On-line

and in Mosques….but all the liberals care about are Trump’s tweets, Russia,  and going after orthodox Christians. Btw, the hate preacher below is based in the USA but the WSJ leaves that fact out. From The WSJ: Online terrorist propaganda is attracting fresh criticism in the wake of Saturday’s deadly terror attack in London. Prime […]

Defenseless in the Face of Our Enemies

A great speech by Andrew C. McCarthy: “Obama’s policy delusionally forbids the conclusion that radical Islamic ideology has any causative effect on terrorist plotting.” From the National Review: The topic: “Defenseless in the Face of Our Enemies: What Keeps America from Protecting Itself from Radical Islam.” Two weekends ago in Orlando, Fla., in the wee […]

Muslim Terrorists Kill Families Celebrating Easter

“The Religion of Peace” is spreading its evil. One can be a martyr just for being a Christian, any day, anywhere in the world. From the WSJ: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—At least 72 people—including 17 children—were killed and hundreds more injured in an apparent suicide bombing at a Pakistani park that an Islamic militant group said was […]

ISIS Overwhelming Europe’s Counterterrorism Forces

ISIS must be defeated and jihadis mosques closed.  From the Weekly Standard: From The Amaq News Agency, a propaganda arm of the Islamic State (or ISIS), has claimed responsibility for today’s attacks in Brussels. The claim is hardly surprising: The Islamic State has had Belgium in its crosshairs since at least 2014. Belgian and European […]

Brussels Rocked by Terrorist Attacks

I fear Europe will be lost in a few decades. Loss of Christianity, lack of children, and growth of Islamic fundamentalism. From the WSJ: Explosions rocked Brussels’ international airport and a subway station near European Union institutions on Tuesday, killing at least two-dozen people and injuring many more in the second major terrorist attack on […]

US Declares ISIS Is Committing Genocide

Finally, the administration has stated the obvious. Hopefully, this will lead to action in the MidEast and bringing Christian Refugees into the US. From the WSJ: Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that he has determined that the Islamic State extremist group is committing genocide against Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria, […]

House Declares ISIS Committing Genocide

“State Department spokesman John Kirby said Monday he did not expect any resolution voted on in the House to be a factor in the decision.” Why would it, we have an imperial presidency. From Fox: The House approved a resolution Monday that declares the Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities […]

ISIS Documents Expose 22,000 Terrorists

Good news. An ex-ISIS informer has turned over crucial data revealing 1000’s of foreign recruits. Hopefully, they will be smoked out and prosecuted. From RT: A batch of leaked Islamic State documents with the names of 22,000 militants from 51 countries has been passed to UK security services. The papers, which were obtained by Sky […]