Keep Your Hypocrisy-Stained Hands Off the President

December 14, 2017, 12:05 am There is a profound difference between (i) the soap-opera charges now being leveled by some opportunistic women against President Donald Trump and leveraged for cheap political gain by the Gillibrand Hypocrites within the Democrat Party and (ii) the pants-dropping of The Icon, John Conyers, and the butt-squeezing, tongue-slithering obscenities of […]

Catholic Lite and Europe’s Demographic Suicide

Are the churches of Europe turning around the decline in attendance with the “Mercy” Pope? Are Muslims dominating the schools and streets in many areas? What can we do? COMMENTARY: Europe’s population predicament bespeaks, first and foremost, a colossal evangelical failure. George Weigel in EWTN: Ten years ago, after my meditation on Europe, The Cube […]

The Left’s Embrace Of Violence Backfires In Berkeley

The police all over the country need to defend free speech and arrest rioters. This will only embolden violent people. We are going back to the ’60’s and descending into chaos. Please sign this petition to Declare Commie “Anti-Fa” a Terrorist Organization Petition From the Daily Caller: Berkeley, California, descended into total chaos Saturday as right-wingers […]

Half a Century of Supreme Court Rancor

A good recap of the Supreme Court battles of the last 50 years. From the WSJ: Remember Robert Bork? If you do, you’re not a member of the New York Times editorial board. Justice Antonin Scalia’s death over the weekend at 79 prompted the Times’s editors to drop Bork (who died in 2012) down the […]

California of the Dark Ages

Victor Davis Hansen from PJ Media: I recently took a few road trips longitudinally and latitudinally across California. The state bears little to no resemblance to what I was born into. In a word, it is now a medieval place of lords and peasants—and few in between. Or rather, as I gazed out on the […]

Leftist Hypocrisy – VDH

Victor Davis Hansen: “Ponder the progressive Obamas, whose vacations are regal in Louis XIV style; they enjoy, to the hilt, downright mean luxury — and yet seem never more proud of themselves than in the course of such indulgences. Is the logical trajectory of disdain for high-horse Christianity and typical-white-person investment really two weeks on […]

Washington Post Mocks Ted Cruz’s Children

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was handed a political gift Tuesday night when The Washington Post retracted an editorial cartoon that depicted his two young daughters as monkeys. The animated cartoon, by Pulitzer Prize winner Ann Telnaes, sketched the Texas senator in a Santa suit turning a Jack-in-the-box-style crank that made the monkeys dance. A headline […]