MidEast Christians: ‘Jesus Will Always Be With Us’

The Christian Community in Lebanon aids 1000’s of refugees with ongoing Knights of Columbus Support         From Columbian: On a hot afternoon in September, some 400 Iraqi refugee children sat cross-legged in rapt attention in a Catholic school courtyard in Beirut, Lebanon. A priest recounted the Old Testament story of how Joseph […]

The US Needs to Help ISIS Genocide Survivors

We were contacted by Andrew Walther, vice president of strategic planning at the Knights of Columbus, regarding the administration moving forward on helping these victims. It has been one year since the toothless U.N. Declaration was made. It was Russia’s bombing of jihadis which forced the previous administration to do something. Now, under Mattis ISIS will […]

We Muslims Must End Our Silence on Islamist Terror

Hope this starts to spread. Bush did a better job that feckless Obama. Mansoor Ijaz a Pakistani American: “we must develop integrated neighbourhood watch committees whose job it is to know all those who go in and out of our areas. These groups should comprise Muslims, Jews, Christians, agnostics — anyone who wants peaceful coexistence […]

Is Jesus ‘Appearing to Muslims’ in the Middle East?

Good news from around the world. Pray for conversions to Christ here and abroad. From the Christian Post: In his recent book Unanswered, a volume that was six years in the making and intends to shed light on topics that have gone largely unaddressed within today’s Church, apologist and New Testament scholar Jeremiah Johnston assures […]

Muslim Terrorists Kill Families Celebrating Easter

“The Religion of Peace” is spreading its evil. One can be a martyr just for being a Christian, any day, anywhere in the world. From the WSJ: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—At least 72 people—including 17 children—were killed and hundreds more injured in an apparent suicide bombing at a Pakistani park that an Islamic militant group said was […]

Brussels Rocked by Terrorist Attacks

I fear Europe will be lost in a few decades. Loss of Christianity, lack of children, and growth of Islamic fundamentalism. From the WSJ: Explosions rocked Brussels’ international airport and a subway station near European Union institutions on Tuesday, killing at least two-dozen people and injuring many more in the second major terrorist attack on […]

Obama’s Phony Accomplishments

A true Post-Modern President. He thinks he is effective, therefore he is…. From the WAPO: President Obama this week showed why his legacy both on domestic and foreign policy will be scant. On the domestic front, the president, unable to work constructively with Congress, has chosen to move unilaterally by means of executive power grabs. […]

Gates: Obama Has No Global Strategy

Sober advice and opinions from Robert Gates. From the WSJ: In the Weekend Interview, Holman Jenkins talks with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates about the U.S. gains forfeited in Iraq, America’s rudderless foreign policy and the “completely unrealistic” Donald Trump. Many Americans probably had misgivings when U.S. troops were withdrawn from Iraq in 2011, but […]

Genocide: Priority Should be Given to Christians

It is like Rwanda. Millions suffer without asylum. What can you do to help? From Crisis: “Dhimmitude,” like takfir and sharia, is a word of which Americans were happily ignorant not so long ago. Events, unfortunately, have expanded our Arabic vocabulary. As with other Islamic concepts, the meaning of dhimmitude, even its existence, is contested […]