MidEast Christians: ‘Jesus Will Always Be With Us’

The Christian Community in Lebanon aids 1000’s of refugees with ongoing Knights of Columbus Support         From Columbian: On a hot afternoon in September, some 400 Iraqi refugee children sat cross-legged in rapt attention in a Catholic school courtyard in Beirut, Lebanon. A priest recounted the Old Testament story of how Joseph […]

The US Needs to Help ISIS Genocide Survivors

We were contacted by Andrew Walther, vice president of strategic planning at the Knights of Columbus, regarding the administration moving forward on helping these victims. It has been one year since the toothless U.N. Declaration was made. It was Russia’s bombing of jihadis which forced the previous administration to do something. Now, under Mattis ISIS will […]

Genocide: Priority Should be Given to Christians

It is like Rwanda. Millions suffer without asylum. What can you do to help? From Crisis: “Dhimmitude,” like takfir and sharia, is a word of which Americans were happily ignorant not so long ago. Events, unfortunately, have expanded our Arabic vocabulary. As with other Islamic concepts, the meaning of dhimmitude, even its existence, is contested […]

Is Germany on the Brink?

Great article from Ross Douthat, with many good links to various points he makes. From the NYT: On New Year’s Eve, in the shadow of Cologne’s cathedral, crowds of North African and Middle Eastern men accosted women out for the night’s festivities. They surrounded them, groped them, robbed them. Two women were reportedly raped. Though […]

Five Facts about America’s Refugee Policy

  How does the federal government decide how many refugees to let into the U.S. and from which countries? Here is the answer to those questions and other facts you should know about refugees and resettlement policy in America. Excellent piece from the ACTON Institute: Intelligent Conservatives, Read On: 5 Facts About America’s Refugee Policy