Obama’s Administration Failures: Republicans Blamed

From National Review: In a cover story in the latest issue of The Atlantic magazine, President Obama offers astonishing scapegoating for his own foreign-policy disasters. According to Obama, the deterioration of the ISIS wasteland that is now Libya was not due to improvident administration bombing followed by a hasty departure, but was largely the fault […]

Mitt Romney Attacks Trump as a ‘Fraud’

Will this be effective or backfire? It appears that the country is further headed downhill. After 7 years of Obama, we conservatives were hoping to have a solid conservative president and both houses. We also hoped to appoint conservative justices when the time arose. Drumpf disrupted the primaries and the party and candidates were afraid […]

Donald Trump: By Victor Davis Hanson

“In the last debate, Drumpf did not deny that he supported and gave money to John Kerry’s campaign in 2004 — and that he wanted a sitting Republican president, George W. Bush, impeached…He said the same sort of thing in the previous debate when he suggested that Bush had cooked up the WMD threat to […]

Houston Debate: Rubio & Cruz Attack Trump

Hopefully, after Super Tuesday, 3 of the 5 remaining Republicans will drop out and make it a 1 on 1 contest. From the National Review: It had only happened once before in this GOP primary season, but Thursday night it happened repeatedly: Donald Drumpf was bested in a debate confrontation. “Today, we saw a report […]