Terrorist Propaganda Flourishes On-line

and in Mosques….but all the liberals care about are Trump’s tweets, Russia,  and going after orthodox Christians. Btw, the hate preacher below is based in the USA but the WSJ leaves that fact out. From The WSJ: Online terrorist propaganda is attracting fresh criticism in the wake of Saturday’s deadly terror attack in London. Prime […]

The US Needs to Help ISIS Genocide Survivors

We were contacted by Andrew Walther, vice president of strategic planning at the Knights of Columbus, regarding the administration moving forward on helping these victims. It has been one year since the toothless U.N. Declaration was made. It was Russia’s bombing of jihadis which forced the previous administration to do something. Now, under Mattis ISIS will […]

Muslim Terrorists Kill Families Celebrating Easter

“The Religion of Peace” is spreading its evil. One can be a martyr just for being a Christian, any day, anywhere in the world. From the WSJ: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—At least 72 people—including 17 children—were killed and hundreds more injured in an apparent suicide bombing at a Pakistani park that an Islamic militant group said was […]

Brussels Rocked by Terrorist Attacks

I fear Europe will be lost in a few decades. Loss of Christianity, lack of children, and growth of Islamic fundamentalism. From the WSJ: Explosions rocked Brussels’ international airport and a subway station near European Union institutions on Tuesday, killing at least two-dozen people and injuring many more in the second major terrorist attack on […]

Should Apple Comply?

This is a difficult case. Should Apple just open this phone and should Congress take up the question? From the WSJ: By refusing to help the FBI unlock the iPhone used by a dead terrorist, Apple succeeded in shifting the debate over privacy and security—but not the way it intended. Apple’s recalcitrance makes it likely […]

Justice Seeks Extract Data From 12 Other iPhones

The Justice Department is pursuing court orders to force Apple Inc. to help investigators extract data from iPhones in about a dozen undisclosed cases around the country, in disputes similar to the current battle over a terrorist’s locked phone, according to people familiar with the matter. The other phones are at issue in cases where […]

Encryption: U.S. vs. Apple

A good article on the important battle ahead. From the WSJ: Washington and Silicon Valley geared up for a high-stakes legal battle over a phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., terrorists, a contest each side views as a must-win in their long fight over security versus privacy. A White House spokesman framed […]

The Muslim Reform Movement: Fighting Islamism

“We will go on and ask our communities to present these foundational, inviolable precepts of reform to every Muslim leader, organization, and mosque that we can in our respective nations. Any who sign on will be with us in reform and counter-radicalization. Any who do not are part of the radicalization problem and obstacles to […]