A Look at How The Left Has Been Trying to Control The Internet

A Look at How The Left Has Been Trying to Control The Internet

The left is well-known for its fondness of trying to over regulate everything, including the internet. The internet is still pretty young and it was privatized sometime in the 90s, which basically made sure that the internet was free of regulations and a network where people could access and share data to their heart’s content. The internet’s vast freedom has been bothering the left for quite some time, in fact they have been trying to find ways of regulating the internet from the moment the internet’s potential was realised.

The left’s solution to the “overly free internet” problem was to rob the internet of its neutrality by passing regulatory laws. The left has made several attempts to try and get rid of net neutrality already, including a major move in the 2006 and then another attempt made by Obama’s administration in 2010. Fortunately, both of these impositions were overruled, however, this only proved to further strengthen the left’s resolve. They came back with another, even more potent form of net neutrality in 2015, which was met with the same treatment as all their previous attempts.

If you take a look at the many times net neutrality has been challenged by the left, you will notice that with each attempt, the regulations multiply and become more demanding. Take the most recent attempt at limiting net neutrality for example; leftists passed a law that imposed net neutrality to such an extent that pretty much every ISP (internet service provider) out there ended up filing lawsuits against California. Even Donal Trump’s administration sued California for its actions. The backlash against California has resulted in California backing down for the time being.

One might think that why exactly has net neutrality started becoming a problem now? Why didn’t the government act quickly and imposed net neutrality at an earlier time when the mass public was less capable of raising its voice? The answer to this question is rather simple; a decade ago no one could have suspected that the internet will become an integral part of the very foundation of modern society. Back then everyone on the internet was simply stumbling around in the dark and trying to figure out what was what.

However, now that we have pretty much explored the internet and its capabilities to their fullest extent, we know how it works and that in order to ensure its sustainability and positive contribution to society, there needs to be some level of governance set in place. Governance to make sure that organizations such as Facebook or Google do not steal their consumer’s data and sell it or to make sure that no one manages to abuse the power of the internet. Keep in mind that too much governance is always a bad thing, and this is exactly what the left is trying to do; begin governing the neutrality of the internet, the very essence of the World Wide Web.