Does America Need a Nationalist as a President?

Does America Need a Nationalist as a President?

The word “nationalist” has always been considered as an extreme term, a word used to define someone whose vision is too narrow and can never comprehend the concept of thinking and acting globally. The term “American Nationalist” is met with even more prejudice, because for many, an American nationalist is someone who is a white supremacist, someone who believes that the real America is a white America.

One shouldn’t be blamed for thinking negatively about nationalists since many nationalists have done plenty to reinforce this perception. There are a lot of events and examples throughout the history of America that reinforce the image of an “American nationalist” as well. Starting from the purging of the Native Americans and continuing into modern times as well. However, just because of a few bad apples, not every nationalist is a bad one, according to Trump, he himself is a nationalist.

Donald Trump’s definition of this word is quite simple and innocent as compared to what many people think. For Trump, a nationalist is someone who simply loves his country, someone who is ready to put the interests of his own country first and then focus on what everyone else thinks later.

Donald Trump has made it evident that he is not pleased with how America’s allies have treated the country on the world stage, that America gives a lot but does not get nearly the same in return. Obviously, Trump’s take on nationalism has created an uproar in the already divided American society; there are people who are all in for Trump’s America first approach while others believe that this is not the right course of action. Trump’s opposition believes that America should begin following the footsteps of European countries that are all about globalization and creating harmony and friendship throughout the world.

Trump and his supporters believe that not only is this attitude “pansy-ish” but it is also harmful for America since the country is in a difficult place at the moment. The political and social turmoil that America is facing can have serious long term effects on the country if they are not addressed at the right time, which is now. America cannot take care of itself and also take care of other nations at the same time.

It all comes down to whether Trump actually means what he says when he defines a nationalist. Everyone knows that Trump says stuff all the time but does not always stick to what he says. If Trump actually has the ability of putting America first then he just might be able to actually make America great again. However, if he turns out to be nothing more than another nationalist then America should begin bracing itself for some hard times.

At the moment, America cannot afford to become more understanding about everyone else, it must focus on its own shortcomings and being working on them. Hopefully, the American population can realise this as well and stop their destructive squabbling.