Effectively Countering Political Violence And Preserving Free Speech

Effectively Countering Political Violence And Preserving Free Speech

The left is all about control and hoarding power, it fears freedom and it fears giving people the right to express themselves openly. This is because the left believes that the moment it beings empowering the masses, it will lose its power, and as a result, its status quo shall break. Donald Trump is hated by the left because of how open he is. Whether you agree or disagree with Trump’s actions, you have to admit that he is a very outspoken man, an outspoken man who has the authority to completely destabilise the left’s delicate level of control.

Ever since 2016, USA has been experiencing massive social disorder; the right continues to speak out openly and express its opinions to its heart’s content while the left continuously dishes out labels with which it tags openly stated opinions as “acts of violence”. Many people are asking whether action should be taken against people who are being too verbal about their opinions. Exactly why this thought is going through people’s minds? Because some opinions are rather extreme and they end up “offending” people.

These fruitless debates surrounding political correctness and oppressing free speech have created loads of tension in society. Tension being driven by political hatred, resulting in people lashing out, not only verbally (which is legally acceptable) but even physically. When people begin crossing this line, this is when things become serious and some form of actions needs to take place.

Fortunately, the foundations for taking corrective actions regarding the oppression of free speech already exists in the law. There are constitutions that safeguard the rights of people expressing themselves openly, and it is time for these laws to be revised so that they can begin covering issues that are quite fresh in society at the moment. Issues such as people having to deal with violence simply because of their political affiliations.

When the citizens of a democratic country have to face trouble because they openly declare their political affiliations, one beings to wonder whether that country can really be called a democracy or not.

Due to the current state of American society, it is time for the government to realise that their definition of hate crimes has become dated and needs to be revised. Currently existing laws regarding hate crimes cover issues related to race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion, but there is no concrete law that is safe guarding people from hate that they might have to deal with from people who oppose their views and opinions.

You can find countless examples of political hatred driven crimes on the internet and on the news. Surveys conducted in universities and colleges have shown that many students are beginning to question their right to open expression. This is becoming a major problem for American society and must be addressed as quickly as possible before people become overcome by fear and they start forgetting about their right to freedom of speech granted to them by the first amendment.